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    Liquid Joint Elixir 946 ML

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    Dynamic Health Laboratories Liquid Joint Elixir is uniquely formulated to provide a dynamic blend of substances that are traditionally used to restore and maintain the health and strength of joints, including materials necessary for the formation and repair of cartilage and connective tissue in the joints.
    The all natural ingredients in this top quality Liquid Joint Elixir formula have the following beneficial properties:
    Glucosamine Sulfate
    Glucosamine Sulfate is naturally found in the body
    Glucosamine Sulfate is a form of amino sugar that stimulates the formation and repair of articular cartilage
    Glucosamine is needed by the body to help manufacture specialized molecules that are found in cartilage called glycosaminoglycans
    Reduces joint pain and inflammation and also helps to preserve joint space
    Helps to increse lubrication of the joints
    Stimulates cartilage repair
    Inhibits enzymes that break down cartilage
    Glucosamine Sulfate also provides a buffering action to help protect against excessive wear and tear of the joints. Without glucosamine, our tendons, ligaments, skin, nails, bones, mucous membranes, and other body tissues can not form properly.
    Chondroitin Sulfate
    Chondroitin Sulfate is found naturally in the body
    Is part of a large protein molecule that provides elasticity to cartilage
    Helps prevent other enzymes in the body from degrading the building blocks of joint cartilage
    Reduces joint pain and preserves joint space
    Increases lubrication of the joint and helps stimulate cartilage repair
    Inhibits enzymes that break down cartilage and connective tissue
    Chondroitin Sulfate is a major component of cartilage
    Chondroitin provides structure, holds water and nutrients, and allows other molecules to move through cartilage
    Lycopene (a red plant pigment) is a proven antioxidant that may help to lower the risk of certain diseases including cancer and heart disease
    Helps maintain a healthy heart
    Helps maintain healthy nails, encourages water expulsion, healthy skin, and helps maintain a healthy urinary tract
    Aids in hair-regrowth, and helps to heal wounds
    Can reduce haemorrhage due to high silica content
    Helps to reduce the inflammation or enlargement of the prostate gland
    Horsetail contains manganese, magnesium, iron and copper, minerals which are essential to health and vitality
    Horsetail helps to rebuild connective tissue throughout the body
    Collagen aids in the regeneration of tissue, remodelling of tissue and healing of wounds
    75% of our skin is comprised of Collagen
    Collagen controls cell shape and differentiation
    B Complex & Zinc
    B vitamins are known for their free-radical scavenging properties B-Complex Vitamins have anti-aging properties, and are traditionally used to help defend the body against the harmful effects of everyday stress
    Zinc helps the body heal itself
    Dynamic Health Laboratories' Liquid Joint Elixir combines delicious taste of Mango and Pineapple flavours, so you can enjoy sipping it pure or mixed with your favourite beverage.

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